Gyasi King

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position working with computers in your company for the summer.

EDUCATION: Middle College High School @ Medgar Evers College
402 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11225
(Expected Graduation Date: June, 1999)

Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) Tutoring and Rap Sessions
Received academic help and participated in open discussions about current issues

Metropolitan Institute of Networking Technology
Jersey City, N.J.
May 1996 - August 1996
Introduction to Computer Networking


  1. Computer Instructor -- teaching adults the basics of Windows '95
    and also teaching children from ages 5-14 about the basic functions of a computer, movements of the mouse and keyboard, designing short documents, and accessing the Internet.
  2. P.C. Networking Technician -- designed and implemented LANs for Windows NT Server and Workstation, installed and configured PCs for TCP/IP and IPX, troubleshooting all network problems, and wiring Ethernet networks



REFERENCES: Will be made available upon request.